We will forge your desires

Your desires.
Our true artwork, hands and a piece of our soul

Time changes but true artwork remains. The old blacksmith masters shaped metals into beautiful objects and we continue that tradition. We follow the art of processing and shaping raw materials.

Petr Czasch

We create value
that lives throughout generations

We shape your desires. Maybe it appears naïve but together we create a heritage which connects perfect functionality and unique concept.

Do you have a vision?
Let us give it a shape.

Beautiful, original, undying

The blacksmith’s bellows feeds the fire in the furnace and your ideas set our desire on fire to make magical objects. Present your vision to us and we will give it all of our skills.

Petr Czasch

The smallest details
make the character of artwork

You may desire an original post box or a sculpture and we will play with it to the smallest detail. It is the only way to cherish our work. There is a piece of us in every product that we present to you.

Forged commissioned work

We are not scared to solve original orders which may seem unimaginable to you. Look at some inspiration that we have forged. Browse our photo gallery.





We participated,
we prepare and plan

Messe LebensArt Brandis (Leipzing) 7. - 9.9.2018

Messe LebensArt Wernesgrün /Steinberg) 14. - 16.9.2018

Messe Infa Hannover 13. - 21.10.2018

Hausbaumesse Hollabrun 2. - 4.11.2018

Hausbaumesse Wien/Vösendorf 9. - 11.11.2018

Hausbaumesse Steyr 22. - 24.02.2019

LebensArt - Messe für Garten, Wohnen und Lifestyle Potsdam 12. - 14.4.2019

LebensArt - Messe für Garten, Wohnen und Lifestyle Hof 26. - 28.4.2019

LebensArt - Messe für Garten, Wohnen und Lifestyle Grosshartau 14. - 16.6.2019

Journey to a dream product


getting to know your idea

You will tell us your ideas. We will explain the process to you.
We will capture your ideas in a drawing on paper, tablet or computer. We will choose the material and surface finish.


shaping the full appearance

Your desires get the first shape. We will assess every perspective; we will observe light and dark tones. We will verify the statics.


in the blacksmith’s fire

We realise your desires in the workshop. We integrate everything into the product that we have agreed on. So that all of us can be proud of the final result.


handing the product over to your hands

Your desires have a shape now. Together we have forged artwork that will be admired and cherished by generations to come.

We have been giving shape and soul
to iron since 1999

We imprint a piece of ourselves into every artwork. We make originals that only we – our hands – can forge. No one else in the world. And that is what we enjoy and what fulfils us – creating beautiful objects for clients from all over the world.

Petr Czasch

Petr Czasch

Ondřej Čajan

What I enjoy the most about my blacksmith’s work is the realisation of ideas of our clients. Architects and designers can see the final piece. A client – layman is often surprised when he sees what the fire is capable of and what human hands are able to create from iron so that his desires come true.

Ondřej Čajan

Call us, write to us
and let us arrange an appointment

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